Audiobooks Launch

We are very excited to launch a new addition to our Digital Library…(drum roll)…AUDIOBOOKS. Currently, we have 365 audiobook titles already live and ready to borrow… with more to come! The library – Audiobooks Launch will be available to you at our Learning Journey on Wednesday 9th of August but if you’d like a sneaky peak then :

  1. Check out our Landsdale Primary Digital Library website, that now includes eBooks AND audiobooks:

  2. Download the free app from the App Store onto your phone or mobile device (ePlatform by Wheelers) so you have easy access to the site.

  3. Remind your child about their eBook login details. They will remain the same for audiobooks. If you/they have lost their logins, please let Mrs. Murray know so she can re-issue them.

Below is a brief PDF, “Getting Started with Audiobooks” that may assist you and your child with navigating the new audiobook collection. Mrs. Murray will also run through how to locate/sample/borrow/return an audiobook with our class during Book Change over the next few weeks.


Getting Started with Audiobooks




Hello Folks

Thank you to all those parents that have accepted the class dojo invitation that was emailed in Week Two. If you have not yet joined our class on dojo then please take a minute to join via this link. We still have 10 parents that have not yet joined and it would be lovely to have you as part of our LA 12 Dojo Family! 

And please don’t forget to check out the ‘Homework Routines’ page on this blog so that you and your child know what is expected each week. Happy Reading!

Mrs. Katya Currie 


Special Days

A big thank you to those of you who were able to make time in their busy day to attend our Parent Information Session yesterday. For those of you who were unable to make it, a Parent Information pack will be coming home with your child today. I also made mention of the fact that LA 12’s book borrowing day this term is TUESDAY. Please make sure your child brings their book borrowing bag to school on or before Tuesday.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Homework Routine’ tab on this blog. Please make yourself familiar with its contents and requirements.

Please remember that daily communication will take place via the Class Dojo app. If you have not yet downloaded this app from the app store and joined our class then please do so.
Many thanks!
Katya 🌸



Hello and welcome to Year Three LA 12 Mrs. Currie and Mrs. Dyball’s class. We are looking forward to a wonderful year together!

Please click the ‘follow’ link to the right of this message to receive emails whenever a post is made on the page. This website does not notify you if resources are added to tabs on this blog so please check back every now and then to see what resources have been added.

The ‘Homework Routine’ tab is ready and waiting to be explored so please make yourself familiar with the requirements.

Daily communication will take place via the Class Dojo app. If you have not yet downloaded this app and joined our class then please do so. If you have lost your paper invite to this app then please contact us.

Once again, welcome to you!

Mrs. Katya Currie and Mrs. Sharon Dyball.

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Term 4 News Telling

Hello Parents,

The News Telling Topics for Term 4 are now on our blog under the ‘Homework’ tab, they are also linked below and are on Class Dojo too! Your child’s news day remains the same day as it has been all year. This gives students even more time to prepare and practice their news telling. Feel free to print a copy so you have one at home.

News Telling Topics Term Four-2016

Mrs Paplinski 🙂



Natural Disaster Project

Hello One and All

The students in LA 26 will be undertaking a Natural Disaster Project in Weeks 9 and 10 of this term. They will be required to select a natural disaster of their choice in order to complete their project. Details of the project are outlined in the image below. Project completion will take place at school during class time however the students are welcome to start to collect information and materials that will support their natural disaster research. Such a collection may include:

  • Purchasing a piece of coloured card for their project

  • Non-fiction texts from their local library

  • Printed information from the internet (please include source details)

  • Printed photos from the internet (please include source details)

Project work will commence on Monday 12th September. Whoop! Whoop!

Mrs Currie 🙂

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